What We Do

For Businesses

Starrtup is a user friendly online marketplace where business start ups can outsource the best professional person for their jobs easily and quickly. Starrtup aims to serve the needs of all level business startups, helping them to forge meaningful relationships with top quality talent to help achieve viable goals.

Starrtup provides guidance and expertise regarding developmental processes for businesses as they grow. It also acts as a hub for business development by focusing on creating effective working relationships between business owners and talented Teammates.

Starrtup collects the best talent on offer and ranks them according to relevant success stories thereby facilitating easy connections between business and service professionals. It helps form symbiotic relationships between relevant people where all parties benefit

Starrtups makes it easy for business owners to get the services they need, when they need them without the costly outlay of full employment. Startups can publish multiple tasks in multiple domains where the payment can be money, equity or options.

Starrups aims to provide businesses with the best employment experience possible by enlisting experts representing many professional fields including technical and creative fields. It allows businesses to access freelancers for longer term employment of short term for specific projects. No job is too big or too small with a workforce at tip of their fingertips to make it all happen.

Starrtups allows businesses to deal with their pressing issues and have help with the smaller, but necessary details they may not have time to attend to. It is available every day to assist building products and services and to help run operations.

For Teammates

Starrtup provides freelancers the opportunity to advertise to prospective employers, bid on projects, showcase their portfolio and promote their skills. It allows independent professionals to set their own rates, work short or long term with various companies of their choosing.

Starrtup allows professional self-employed freelancers to offer their services in a supported environment at times that suit them. It provides a hub to source new jobs with innovative companies in a creative environment.