How does it work?

Starrtup offers win, win situations connecting freelancing Teammates with creative startups – it’s as easy as opening a computer.

Starrtup is an open digital marketplace that allows startup businesses to access Teammate services to help with their initial business development. Starrtup also provides guidance and expertise regarding developmental processes and what is required initially to lay the groundwork for future success. Some of the critical tasks are to build a working team to secure key skills and resources to support research and develop minimum viable products and to continue developing core business concepts.

Starrtup is the hub for all business development and joining the Starrtup community is the simple way to surround entrepreneurs with the best available people. Startups can publish multiple tasks in multiple domains where the payment can be money, equity or options.

Successful startups typically have the potential to grow rapidly with limited investment of capital, labour or land. Timing is often the single most important factor for success and Starrtup helps by offering services only a mouse click away as required.

Starrtup helps form symbiotic relationships between relevant people where all parties benefit. It can help to forge meaningful relationships with people that will help achieve viable goals. It encourages task creation for people with proven expertise allowing the developer to focus on management and growth. Starrtup allows businesses to employ staff when they are required without having to invest in expensive infrastructure, especially important when start up capital is precious.

With people choosing their own work environments they are more comfortable and productive. They have environmental freedom and focus more at the task at hand, giving them the potential to achieve the best service.

Starrtup collects the best talent out there and ranks them based on success stories facilitating easy connections between business and service professionals with links to the best talent available. Linking through Starttup means there is always someone qualified available for freelance casual work.

Building good relationships is essential in all work environments, doing it over the internet is no exception it can even be easier. When a business needs a task done the manager has only to check through the list of freelancers available at any given moment.

Freelancers can easily sign up to receive daily job offers. There is also the possibility of registering both as a business offering services as well as a business requiring Teammates.

A common reason for startup failure is the threat of running out of funding before t securing the next round of investment or before becoming profitable enough to pay their staff. Starrtup allows businesses to keep their initial operating costs at a minimum, only paying for services as they need them rather than employing staff at high risk.